Monday, April 29, 2013

Iceland: The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon was the first place we went in Iceland.  It was completely magical and so relaxing.  The hot mint colored water was so thick you could only see a few inches from the surface.  The pools are surrounded in volcanic rock.  It was so surreal it felt like a different planet.

Here is all of us together relaxing with silicon mud masks on.  Hehe, we all look really silly.  From left to right is; Kelly, Ann-Kathrin (German), Me, and Lea (Swiss). 

       Funny photo bomb.

The white stuff was coating all the rock.  So, it was soft to walk on.  It seemed like it was pool paint or something to make the volcanic rocks easier to walk on.  But it is just naturally that way because of all the silicon in the water. 

There was black sand on the bottom.  It was really weird to pick up the sand from the bottom.  It was such a surprise to pick of this jet black sand out of this milky mint colored water.  We were all in such a daze from this place.  It was really unbelievable.  But this feeling only increased the whole trip.  We saw so many crazy places.   

Hilarious picture.  We were taking pictures in the lagoon with an iPhone that was inside a bulky plastic waterproof bag.  So we couldn't really see any of the pictures we were taking.  But this one made us laugh so hard when we saw it later.  Its freeky like those aren't my feet, or like hobbit feet.  

This is us enjoying a 3 course meal.  I had sushi, chicken and asparagus risotto, and for desert a really yummy carrot cake with local ice cream. 

So refreshed.  Here is all of us below with our fresh dewy skin.  We all agreed our skin had never been so soft.  The Blue Lagoon was the perfect way to start the strip.

Gudvangen Fjord and Flåm Railway

We did a Norway in a Nutshell fjord tour that include a ferry ride through the Gudvangen Fjord and a trip on the Flåm Railway.  The Flåm is famous for its beautiful views and steep tracks.  

          It was a really amazing experience.  I was just in awe.  




Over Easter break I traveled to Bergen with Kelly and her Dad.  We had a great time and all agreed that Bergen was our favorite. It was such a cozy city and the fjords were gorgeous!  Below is all of us on a ferry in the Gudvangen Fjord.

Here are some pictures around the city.

The natural history museum was incredible!

 In the left picture above me is a blue whale skeleton!

 We took a ski lift up to the top of the mountain that looks over the city.  The views were spectacular! 

Kelly and I enjoying our matpakkes (norwegian for lunch sandwiches) taken from the our hotels complementary breakfast.  It don't know if lunch has ever tasted so good. 

Magical mountain lake.  Wouldn't be amazing to ice skate on that! Or swim in the summer.